POLARIZE: a fast-track marketing guide for business owners and smart startups

It’s very simple: Old-school marketing is usually expensive, complex and slow…

Traditional marketing might work out okay if you have the time, patience and budget for it. But who does?? This new digital culture requires us to be agile, lean and smart. Our googled brains don’t respond the way they did 100 years ago. The Polarize approach is a sharper axe for a harder audience.

“We need to be so utterly relevant that our audience would feel like they were BETRAYING THEMSELVES if they bought from anyone else…”


“[Polarize is] Funny, ENGAGING!! Humble yet knowledgeable.”
—Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani, Best-Selling Author

“I FINALLY GET IT why some brands and products instantly connect with people, and why some things, brands, people, and products seem to get ALL the attention, and everybody’s talking about them. They polarize.”
—Brent Bordello, my neighbour (he’s a smart guy! haha)

“Keep up the amazing work!”
—Glen Depke, Costa Mesa

“The book is GOOD!… awesome advice!”
—Grant Davies, Gold Coast

“Let’s polarize everything!”
—Geoffrey Arduini

“I LOVE your book, what a fanastic read!”
—Emili Rackemann



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